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    Why us?
    - for 22 EUR you'll get tens of thousands of freights
    - sophisticated control system of non-paying clients
    - remote access from your laptop, iPad, etc.
    - 30 day FREE trial
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Benefits of our solution

Full access to the system for just 22 EUR per month. In return, you'll have access to all transports, ads, and available trucks around Europe. No need to buy any extra packages, all is included in the basic rate!

Our system observes the 3-strikes law! If a client is reported to fail pay for the third time, the client is automatically removed from the system (incl. booked transports) and cannot make any more freights.

With every shipping you can see the final amount, as well as distance and cost per km.

Selling or searching for spare parts, tires or consumables? Our classified ads section serves just these purposes, keeping out any irrelevant information!

Our system is available online. You don't need to make any installations on your computer. The system is accessible from anywhere, your office, or while you are on the road using your laptop, or from home with your iPad. Our system will adapt to your device! Simply register today, and you are ready to start using our system!

Don't hesitate to contact us! Should you encounter any problem (no matter how small) while using our system, we will be happy to assist you or solve it for you!

How it all works

List freight

Customer (freight broker, carrier or another entity) enters a carrier bid, giving the starting point, destination, price, and dates. The bid is immediately loaded into the system.

Carrier responds

Carrier locates the freight and calls or emails the customer to arrange the freight details.


After the freight is confirmed, the carrier transports the goods, and then invoices the customer.